Gwangju International Center


고객의 만족을 위해 도전을 멈추지 않는 Gwangju International Center입니다.


큰 따옴표 시작

The Gwangju International Center is creating an inclusive city
with support members and Gwangju Metropolitan City.

큰 따옴표 끝

The Gwangju International Center (GIC) is a non-profit organization and the first international center to be established in Korea. The GIC serves as a place for local and international residents in the Gwangju and Jeollanam-do area to share and exchange culture and communication. The GIC strives to raise the international status of Gwangju as a city of inclusivity, human rights, and culture by promoting mutual cultural understanding and revitalizing cultural exchanges.


  • To create a city
    where global citizens
    live in harmony.

  • To promote cultural
    exchanges between diverse
    people and groups.

  • To train youth
    to fullfil their dreams.

  • To contribute
    to the development of
    the region through collaborations.

  • 2006
    1. Two students dispatched to third world country.
    2. The 11th Gwangju Foreigners’ Day hosted by the GIC.
    3. Music concert held to raise funds for Indonesian earthquake victims.
    4. Korean translation of “Memory of My Father” published, a book on human rights. (Original version published by Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong.)
  • 2005
    1. May Concert held to raise funds for Asia’s earthquake victims.
  • 2004
    1. Music concert held to support human rights issues in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
    2. May Concert held to support Asia’s democratic and human rights movements.
  • 2003
    1. GIC Talk program of presentations begins.
    2. Yun Jang-hyun appointed as second GIC chairman of the board.
    3. GIC holds first May Concert.
    4. GIC Culture Tour (now GIC Tour) begins operation.
  • 2002
    1. Citizens’ Music Concert held to celebrate the establishment of sister-city ties between Gwangju City and Sendai City, Japan.
    2. English name changed from KCIV to GIC (Gwangju International Center).
    3. The May Concert hosted to raise funds for third world countries.
    4. The GIC office moved from the Jungang Ophthalmology Building (Honam-dong, Dong-gu) to the Jeonil Building (Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu).
    5. The GIC Library opens.
    6. Daily Life Counseling for Foreigners begins.
  • 2001
    1. The Gwangju News begins monthly publication. Korean language classes start.
  • 2000
    1. First issue of the Gwangju News published in a Korean and English format.
  • 1999
    1. First Gwangju Foreigners’ Day held (now known as Gwangju International Community Day).
    2. The Kwangju Center for International Visitors (KCIV) established with Lee Jong-su as first chairman of the board.
  • 2012
    1. The 10th Anniversary of Mt. Mudeung Pungkyeong Sori co-organized with the Gwangju News exhibition.
    2. Public interest activities by civil organizations organized.
    3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ culture program for international students organized.
  • 2011
    1. GIC Tour with Warren begins.
  • 2010
    1. Asia Culture Forum 2010 organized by the GIC.
    2. Gwangju International Music Concert hosted to help Indonesia earthquake victims.
    3. Homepage established for “Gwangju Guidebook” in English and Chinese.
    4. 100th issue anniversary of the Gwangju News celebrated.
    5. “Memory of My Father” published, a book on human rights. (original version published by Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong.)
  • 2009
    1. Gwangju Guidebook – Chinese version published.
    2. Gwangju International Homestay, Feel@Home, started.
    3. Chonnam National University’s International Summer Session organizing begun by GIC.
  • 2008
    1. “Gwangju Guidebook” Chinese version published.
    2. Asia Culture Hub City – International Exchange Professional Human Resource Development organized.
    3. Asia Youth Culture Camp organized.
    4. The 1st UNESCO Asia Youth Culture Festival hosted.
    5. “Gwangju Guidebook” English version published.
    6. Long-term volunteering program started.
  • 2007
    1. GIC Internship Program begins.
    2. Gwangju Experience Program for International Students held.
    3. “Remember Burma Day" event held.
    4. Memorial service held for victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.
  • 2017
    1. The 1st Gwangju Urban Design Forum organized.
    2. The 11th Asia Culture Forum organized.
    3. Translation service provided for multicultural families’ children’s education by Gwangju Office of Education.
  • 2016
    1. The 1st Gwangju International Students’ Families Invitational Program organized.
    2. Gwangju International Internship Program started.
    3. The 6th World Human Rights Cities Forum organized.
    4. The 10th Asia Culture Forum organized.
    5. Gwangju Tour with Global Friends begins.
  • 2015
    1. Second edition of “Gwangju Guidebook” in Korean published.
    2. First issue of “Chinese Gwangju News” magazine published.
    3. Lars Danielsson, Swedish Ambassador to Korea invitational lecture: Human Rights and Society Welfare.
    4. The 5th World Human Rights Cities Forum organized.
    5. The GIC Global Lounge opens.
    6. The GIC Library is registered as a Gwangju City Small Library under the jurisdiction of the Dong-gu district office of Gwangju.
    7. Program for Interpretation and Translation Support for Export Companies by Multicultural Families in Gwangju organized.
  • 2014
    1. The 5th Gwangju Youth Model United Nations (GYMUN) organized.
    2. Korea International Exchange Network policy symposium hosted by the GIC.
    3. Youth Hope Community Project organized (hosted by Korea Foundation).
    4. The 4th World Human Rights Cities Forum organized.
    5. The GIC office moves from the Jeonil Building (Geumnam-no, Dong-gu) to the Samho Building (Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu).
  • 2013
    1. Lee Geun-woo appointed as third chairman of the board.
    2. Agreement signed with Korea International Exchange Network.
  • 2022
    1. Gwangju International Community Week organized.
    2. "Come to Gwangju" organized for foreign students in other regions of Korea.
    3. May 18 Education Forum organized (May 18 Meets Swedish Citizenship Education).
    4. Gwangju Together Day 2022 held (hosted by Gwangju City Peace-Making Dept. and Gwangju Immigration Office).
    5. One-stop Counseling Day organized.
    6. GIC Board of Directors meeting held.
    7. Gwangju Global Volun-tour started.
  • 2021
    1. The 27th Gwangju International Community Day (online and offline) organized.
    2. Asia Culture Plaza event organized.
    3. May Concert: “People × People” organized to commemorate the opening ceremony of the World Human Rights Cities Forum.
    4. The 1st "Come to Gwangju to Create Fun in the New Normal" organized.
    5. 2021 Board of Directors meeting held. Hong Genetae appointed as fifth chairman of the board.
    6. University Town-type Urban Regeneration New Deal Project Online Consultation Day organized.
  • 2020
    1. University Town-type Urban Regeneration New Deal Project 2020 Global Food Street organized.
    2. University Town-type Urban Regeneration New Deal Project 2020 Foreigners Day by Country organized.
    3. Asia Culture Center’s Online Asia Culture Plaza of Asia Culture Week organized (October 17-31).
  • 2019
    1. The 25th Gwangju International Community Day and Together Day organized (co-hosted by Gwangju Metropolitan City and the Gwangju Immigration Service).
    2. Gwangju Tour with Global Friends organized.
  • 2018
    1. GIC Volunteer Reunion and Adios 2018 (year-end party) organized.
    2. Kimchi experience and home visits with international friends organized.
    3. The 2nd Gwangju Urban Design Forum organized (November 28-30).
    4. Global Trade Academy organized.
    5. Gwangju Global Network workshop organized (semi-annual).
    6. 200th issue anniversary of the Gwangju News celebrated.
    7. Volunteer team dispatched to Cambodia for Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), (August 16-24).
    8. Employment training for International Residents Program started.
    9. Mt. Mudeung Volun-tour program begun.
    10. Final documents of U.S. government records on May 18 Uprising translated.
    11. Gwangju Together Day organized.
    12. Korea Foundation networking program attended (in Suwon).
    13. Homestay for international scholarship students invited by the government organized.
    14. Gwangju International Internship Program organized (April 2-July 27).
    15. Monthly music concert with themes organized.
    16. Dr. David Shaffer appointed as fourth chairman of the board.
    17. The GIC Gwangju Citizens’ Choir organized.