Gwangju International Center

Comprehensive Support for Foreigners

Daily Life Counseling for Foreigners

The GIC’s counseling service offers information on all aspects of living in Gwangju, including tourism, labor, education, housing, and medical care, for foreigners residing in Korea and provides support to help them adjust to life in Korea by helping to resolve difficulties.

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 (apply online at any time)
Available languages
Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian (by regular staff)
How to apply
visit, phone, email (, or social media (Facebook, Instagram, KakaoTalk)
Counseling Process
  • Step 01

    Counseling requests accepted by in-person visits to the GIC, phone, or online.

  • Step 02

    Analysis of consultation contents and information search by GIC staff, interns, and/or volunteers.

  • Step 03

    Response sent within 72 hours and connection with a relevant organization.

  • Step 04

    Cooperation with the relevant organization.

One-Stop Counseling Day

Experts in various fields are invited to One-Stop Councrling Day to help solve inquiries on living in Gwangju.

International residents in Korea
Korean, English
Twice a year (first and second halves of the year)
Areas of Inquiry
Administration, labor, visa, law, medical care (oral examination, psychological counseling), and others.
International Support Team (062-226-2733 /
The Gwangju Guide Website

The Gwangju Guide website is designed for foreigners visiting or living in Gwangju as a place to obtain useful information about Gwangju. It is available in two languages: English and Chinese.