Gwangju International Center

Translation Services

Translation and Interpretation

Gwangju International Center provides high-quality translation services in a number of languages through a network of translators with a variety of translation experiences. Translations receive supervision from native speakers. Interpretation services are also available.

  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Thai, Russian, Uzbek, Arabic, and others.
Translation Fee Scale

* 스크롤을 이용하여 전체 내용을 확인해보세요.

Translation Fee Scale
Languages Korean to Foreign Language Foreign Language to Korean
General Documents Professional Documents General Documents Professional Documents
Main Languages
30,000 won
50,000 won (with proofreading)
Varies depending on the content. 30,000 won Varies depending on the content.
South East Asia
40,000 won
60,000 won (with proofreading)
Varies depending on the content. 40,000 won Varies depending on the content.
Other Languages Please inquire.
Foreign Language to Foreign Language Please inquire.
  • Korean: 1-page standard is 220 words.
  • Chinese, Japanese: 1-page standard is 700 characters.
  • English and similar alphabet-based languages: 1-page standard is 250 words.
  • Translation workload: (Korean→Foreign language) 3-5 pages/day, (Foreign language→Korean) 5-8 pages/day.
  • Express translation (next day translation, weekend translation, or when requesting more than the average workload) 10-30% expeditious translation fee will be added.
  • 10% VAT is added separately.
Notarization Service

The GIC provides assistance for the notarization of various documents such as study abroad- and immigration-related documents, various certificates, guarantees, and legal documents.

English, Japanese
Registered mail is possible
postal fees are charges separately.
Translation fee + notarization fee (11,000 won)※Translation fee is based on the Gwangju International Center translation fee standard for 2022.
  • Inquire by email

  • Price quotation and time information

  • Payment

  • Proceed with notarization after payment confirmation

  • Final confirmation of documents

Interpretation and Translation Support for Small and Medium-sized Export Companies by Multicultural Families

The GIC supports small and medium-sized exporting enterprises in Gwangju by providing interpretation and translation services necessary for overseas market development by utilizing multicultural families with excellent language skills, such as marriage immigrants and international students in Gwangju.

- Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and export-prepared enterprises whose headquarters or factories are located in Gwangju Metropolitan City and whose annual export volume for the previous fiscal year is less than USD 20 million.
- Companies with experience participating in overseas marketing support projects in Gwangju for the past three years.
- Excellent job companies, luxury goods small companies, and Gwangju-oriented job companies designated by Gwangju Metropolitan City
- New companies less than three years old.
All year round (until budget is exhausted)
How to Apply
Email ( or by mail.
Support Amount
Up to 2 million won per company per year (until budget is exhausted)
Support Areas
- Translation (export-related email, catalogs, quotations, product manual, sample production-related documents, etc.).
- Interpretation (export-related land-line phone calls and chat programs, online/in-person consultations with overseas buyers, negotiation interpretation, etc.).
- Business trip (phone call interpretation for overseas buyers, discovery of overseas buyers, research on various export related materials, etc.). ※ Export-related contracts and agreements excluded.
Multicultural Interpretation and Translation for the Office of Education

The GIC has signed an agreement with the Gwangju Office of Education to help multicultural students and parents to improve their children's life and study guidance skills, and to reduce difficulties in communication between schools and multicultural parents by providing home correspondence and interpreting services in their native language.

All agencies affiliated with the Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education※ For confirmation of affiliated organizations, please contact the Citizenship Education Division of the Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education directly (062-380-4365).
Available Languages
12 languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Russian, Japanese, Filipino, Arabic, Uzbek, Thai, Mongolian, Urdu, Hindi) ※ English is excluded from the agreement, but if necessary, the GIC will consult with the person in charge at the Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education. ※ Organizations wishing to have interpretation or translation in a language other than the languages mentioned above must consult with the Gwangju International Center.
GIC International Support Team (062-226-2733)
Application Process
(Inquiring Organization)
  • Fill out the application form for the interpretation or translation service.
  • Send the application form and attachments to the Gwangju International Center by email.
Interpretation and Translation
(Gwangju International Center)
  • (Translation) Sends translations such as family correspondence.
  • (Interpretation) Connects with specialized interpreter training schools.
(Inquiring Organization)
  • After the interpretation or translation service is completed, a confirmation certificate is to be sent to the Gwangju International Center.

※ If possible, submit the request to the Gwangju International Center one week prior to the start of the interpretation service or at least one week before the expected home correspondence is to be sent.

※ The home correspondence to be translated should be sent as a Hangeul file or an MS Word file.