Gwangju International Center

Joining the GIC

고객의 만족을 위해 도전을 멈추지 않는 Gwangju International Center입니다.

Supporting the GIC

큰 따옴표 시작

The Gwangju International Center is creating an inclusive city with
support members and Gwangju Metropolitan City.

큰 따옴표 끝

The Gwangju International Center (GIC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is strengthen Gwangju
as an inclusive city supported by member and Gwangju Metropolitan City.
The membership fee is use to providing a space for exchanges for the local and international communities
to learn and experience various cultures from around the world and to promote respect for diversity and inclusivity.

Regular Memberships
  • General member

    5,000 won or more/month

  • International member

    50,000 won/year

  • Student member

    20,000 won/year

  • Community member

    100,000 won/month

  • Lifetime member

    1 million won
    (one-time payment)

Temporary Contributions
  • The GIC sends special contributions to people in other parts of the world who are in need of help and will share the results of the contribution. *As with regular contributions, the GIC will issue receipts for contributions for year-end tax deductions.
How is the donation used?

How is the donation used? The donation is used to run a business to create a society where the local and international communities lives together.

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Gwangju International Center Member Benefits
  • 01

    Receive the Gwangju News magazine by mail every month.

  • 02

    Priority for participation in programs.

  • 03

    Discounts on fee programs and space rentals.

  • 04

    Borrowing books and materials from the GIC Library.

  • 05

    Receipts for contributions
    provided for year-end tax settlement.
    (Regular contributions other than religious groups [Code 40])

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