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Call for Participants for the 2024 Gwangju International Student Supporters ( ~ Mar. 11)


Gwangju Metropolitan City Announcement No. 2024 - Issue



Gwangju International Students Supporters Recruitment Announcement


In order to contribute to attracting international students by promoting student life in Gwangju and Gwangju local universities to their home countries and promoting Gwangju at home and abroad, we are recruiting 'Gwangju International Students Supporters' as stated below.

February 26, 2024


Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City


1. Recruitment period: 2024. 2. 26. (Mon) ~ 3. 11. (Mon) until 18:00

2. Number of recruits: More than 20

3. Eligibility: International students including both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a university in Gwangju or have been confirmed for admission and have a personal social media account.

4. Period of activity: Date of appointment ~ Dec. 2024

5. Activity Description

Activity Type

Activity Contents

Event participation

- (Compulsory participation)

Supporters Inaugural Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, Local University Tours, International Students’ Day, and Gwangju Biennale


- (Elective participation) Voluntary participation in Gwangju City events other than the mandatory events

Publishing social media content

- (Content) Event participation reviews, student life in Gwangju, Gwangju tourism information, culture and arts of Gwangju


- (Post type) Post content in various formats, such as articles, photos, and short videos to personal social media networks.


6. Benefits

- Monthly pay for publishing social media content

- Certificate of Gwangju City International Students Supporters at the Supporters Inaugural Ceremony

- Award certificate for the selected outstanding supporters from the Mayor of Gwangju at the Supporters Closing Ceremony

- Invitations to events in Gwangju City 


7. How to apply: Fill out the documents and submit via email

- Documents to be submitted include: Application Form, Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement, and Content Collection, Usage, and Sharing Agreement

- Email address:



8. Selection criteria

- Selection criteria: Comprehensive consideration of gender, nationality, social media literacy, Korean language proficiency, and willingness to participate

- Exclusion: Those whose activity is deemed to be significantly disingenuous, such as those who are unable to attend compulsory events, complainers, users of other people's material, etc.


9. Announcement of successful applicants: Mar. 2024 *will be contacted individually



10. Other

- Applicants may not be selected if any of the submitted documents are found to be false, and applications can be cancelled even if already selected.

- Any disadvantages due to errors, omissions, or inability to contact us will be the responsibility of the applicant. No submitted documents will be returned.

- Content submitted during the activity period will be co-owned by Gwangju City and utilized in social media promotional materials, posters, and videos for public purposes (publicity and marketing of Gwangju Metropolitan City).

-  Recruitment schedule and application procedure are subject to change due to internal circumstances.



11. Inquiries

- University Education Cooperation Team, Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall (062-613-1492)

- International Support Team, Gwangju International Center (062-226-2733)