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2023 Gwangju International Community Day


Travel the world around Gwangju!  

The Gwangju International Community Day 2023 will be operated from Friday, Ocotober 6 to Sunday, October 8 at the Gwangju International Center and around Art Street (Intersection of Jung-ang Elementary School).  

◆ Opening Ceremony  

Friday, Oct 19:00 | Art Street  

Traditional performances with global foods

- ”TEKERE” performed by West African Mandeng Group

- “TURON” performed by Uzbekistan Traditional Percussionists

- “CHEONGYEON GILNORI & DANCE WITH LION MASK” performed by Korean Traditional YEONHEE group

- Traditional Dance of India and Kazakhstan

- Food from various countries

◆ Special Lectures 

Lecture 1. Saturday, Oct 7 | Gwangju International Center 

- 11:00-12:00: “How to learn Korean Language”, for foreigners, by Seon, Hyun-woo

- 14:00-15:00: “How to speak a foreign language well without going abroad”, for everyone, by Seon, Hyun-woo

Lecture 2. Sunday, Oct 8 | Gwangju International Center

-11:00-12:00: “YOU QUIZ on Multiculturalism” by a comedian Blanca


◆ Main Events 

Saturday, Oct 7 - Sunday, October 8 12:00-19:00 | Art Street (Jung-ang Elementary School Intersection)


- Global Pavillion : Meet diverse countries' foods and cultural experience programs

(Participating countries and markets: Canada, Romania, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Peru, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Korea, and the World Food Stores)

- Community Village : Meet various global communities and international support organizations

(Participating organizations: Gwangju International Center, Danuri Call Center, Gwangju Immigration Office, Gwangju Foreign Workers Support Center, Gwangju Migrant Health Center, Gwangju Buk-gu Family Center, Gwangju Board Game Club, Gwangju Hikers, UNESCO Kona Volunteer Group, SONSIK Nepal Student Council, and Gwangju Talks) 

◆ The Visible Radio

Saturday, Oct 7 - Sunday, Oct 8 14:00-16:00 | Art Street 

Stories with song requests from people around the world are introduced by DJs who are migrants.(㎒ 88.9, Gwangju FM)

◆ The global cinema

Saturday, Oct 7 17:00-19:00 | Art Street 

, , , and : they are four short films that were screened at the 12th Seoul Migrant Arts Festival

Sunday, Oct 8 17:00-19:00 | Art Street 

A documentary film, illuminates lives of 14 strangers who left their hometowns and came to Korea

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For further information, contact Lee Boram in International team( call number: 062-226-2732)