Gwangju International Center


고객의 만족을 위해 도전을 멈추지 않는 Gwangju International Center입니다.

Organizational Chart

  • Business Type : Non-profit corporation in accordance with Article 32 of the Civil Code (April 2, 1999)
  • Foundation Date : June 28, 1999
  • Board of Directors : Board Chair, Registered Directors (7), Auditors (2)
  • Secretariat : International Support Team, External Cooperation Team
회장-소장-사무국장-국제교류팀, 세계인권도시포럼사무국
Executive Director

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Executive Director
Name Position Responsibilities Email Address
SHIN Gyonggu Executive Director - Overall operations and planning
Managing Director

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Managing Director
Name Position Responsibilities Email Address
KIM Minsu Managing Director - Overall GIC operations
- GIC's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board of Directors coordination
- External cooperation affairs
- Translation
International Support Team

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International Support Team
Name Position Responsibilities Email Address
Lee Boram Team Leader - Overall management and administration of Gwangju City's international exchange and cooperation projects
- Overseas exchange network database establishment and support projects
- International civilian exchange (Americas, Japan)
- Gwangju International Community Week
- Global Supporters and Global Day operation
MOON Jungah Senior Coordinator - Global Community Support project
- General support for foreigners (notarization)
- International Students Supporters
- Multicultural education projects for youth
- Exporting Companies Translation Support program
JANG Suyun Senior Coordinator - Overall management of Global Lounge (Chinese)
- International civilian exchange (Asia)
- Gwangju Public Diplomacy Corps
- Website management
- Space rental
LEE Hwadam Coordinator - Counseling for foreigners
- Gwangju Living Guide website
- Gwangju guide
- Space rental
- Global cultural & language classes
External Cooperation Team

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External Cooperation Team
Name Position Responsibilities Email Address
LIM Eunjung Senior Coordinator - External Cooperation Team administration & accounting
- WHRCF event & conference management, staffing, etc.
- KOICA Fellowship Program operation
Bae Young Coordinator - WHRCF domestic cooperation
- Invitation, transport, accommodation & protocol management
PARK Junhee Coordinator - WHRCF promotion & event materials production
- WHRCF social media management
Milosavljevic Jana Coordinator - WHRCF Overseas cooperation & invitation
- KOICA Fellowship Program participant management and event operation
- Cooperation projects with UNESCO
- Other external cooperation projects
Park Soeun Coordinator - WHRCF event & conference operation support
- KOICA Fellowship Program operation
Executive Board Members

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Executive Board Members
Category Name Affiliation
Advisors Park Kyung-seo Former President, Korean Red Cross
Jeong Gab-ju Former Chief Judge, Gwangju District Court
Jo Dong-su Former Chief Editor, Gwangju Ilbo
Hwang Seung-ryong Honorary President, Honam Theological University
Consultants Kim Tae-ho Professor Emeritus, Gwangju
Lee Geun-woo Lawyer, Lawcom Law Firm
Professor Lee Deok-bae Chonnam National University
Registered Director Shin Gyonggu Professor Emeritus, Chonnam National University
Park Gye Professor Emeritus, Chosun University
Park Joo-Kyung Professor, Honam University
Song Gi-hee Professor, Honam University
Shin Jeong-ho Professor, Mokpo National University
Lee Yeon Chief Director, Korea Volunteering Foundation
Kim Won-jong Former Public Official, Gwangju City
Board Members Kim Dong-ha Former Professor, Seoyeong University
Kim Mi-ryeong Professor, Honam University
Kim Sun-im Professor Emeritus, Chonnam National University
Kim Hyun-ok Composer
Na Gan-chae Professor Emeritus, Chonnam National University
Na Ju-mong Professor, Chonnam National University
Noh Dong-il (주)민콘 대표
Mun Kwang-ja Owner, Demain Boutique
Park Duck-hee Lawyer, APro Law Firm
Pai Moon-suk Former Professor, Gwangju University
Seo Gi-moon Professor, Chonnam National University
Song In-dong Professor, Honam Theological University
Oh Mi-ra Professor, Chonnam National University
Jeong In-chae Jeongho Architecture Firm
Jeong Haeng Professor, Honam University
Jo Gyeong-suk Professor, Honam University
Jo Yeong-sun Professor, Chonnam National University
Ju Hong Artist
Chae Myeong-hee Professor, Chosun University Affiliated College of Science and Technology Dept.
Hong Gang-sik Director, Haenam 365 Open Clinic
Hwang Byeong-ha Professor Emeritus, Chosun University
Hwang Seon-uk Director, Beauty Skin Clinic
David Shaffer Former Professor, Chosun University
Maria Lisak Professor, Chosun University
Robert Grotjohn Former Professor, Chonnam National University
Warren Parsons Professor, Keimyung University
Auditors Jeong Hyeong-seong Jeong Hyeong-seong Tax and Accounting Office
Choi Yun-gu Former Public Official, Gwangju City