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"Be the Change Project: Judgments"


Date: September 28, 2019

Title : “Be the Change Project: Judgments”

Speaker: Dana Han

Reviewer: PARK Hajin (GIC Teenage Volunteer)


Judgment is influenced by what is right, what is good, and what should be done. The presenter also worked on ‘change project’ since March of 2019. I talked with audience around me, about ‘when I judge’, ‘When I was judged’, and ‘When I heard what was judged’. While I was talking with people, one of my group members mentioned that it would be unpleasant to be judged. And another member commented that he would feel bad about the judgment in appearance, but he would try to accept if it really needed to fix. I could see various ideas from each individual and most people expressed discomfort, confusion, and anger.


After some sharing of ideas, presenter asked about the purpose and the goal of judgments. I was very confused about the question but then I could present three ways of dealing with judgment after the presenter spoke that ‘we are judged to keep ourselves safe’. and she continued by showing some methods of how to deal with judgement as below:

First, just express them, share 'honestly'.

Second, judge ourselves and other for having judgments. (It means that try to ignore them or dispose of them)

Third, welcome the wisdom of our judgments.


Judgments hold inside of our path to discovering our values, desires, and hopes. Suppressing judgments out would be like throwing a rough diamond away. After the workshop, I decided to accept judgment about myself and also not to judge others without consideration. I am sure the lecture would effect a lot to me in the future.