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"A Journey to the World's Biggest Archipelago"

▶Title: ​"A Journey to the World's Biggest Archipelago"

▶Speaker: Karina Prananto & Bobby A.Darmawan (Indonesia)

▶Reviewer: LEE Seobin (Teenage Volunteer)

The subject of today's GIC Talk was about Indonesia. After attending to this lecture, I could understand the culture of Indonesia that I didn't know much about before. First of all, I became want to visit Komodo Island the most among the places that speaker introduced to people. As the island will be closed to protect the environment within the region, it really motivated me to visit the island more than ever. Komodo Island will not accept any tourists for one year from 2020 to improve its habitat. 

It was a very meaningful time to learn about their culture. As there are no much opportunities to listen the lecture in English, the program is more valuable and unique within Gwangju City. I am willing to  attend this program more later.


▶Reviewer: KIM Jiwon (Teenage Volunteer)

It was interesting to see many seniors attending the GIC Talk and talk with some foreigners. During the talk, I wanted to visit Yogyakarta, Indonesia to participate in a religious celebration of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. I always go to the temples when visiting foreign countries. And I expect the one in Yogyakarta being one of my best experiences. I'm surprised at the facts that Indonesia's markets don't sell plastic bags anymore and there are six official religions. I liked the point that tip is not common, but appreciated. Some strong tipping culture regions had made me quite embarrassed. The 'slow' culture of Indonesia seems very desirable, and as the speaker said, the whole Korea society must slow down. I was grateful for having opportunity to meet many foreigners and improve my English. In addition to strengthen the capacity of local citizens, GIC Talk promotes cultural communication between Koreans and foreigners. It's notable that GIC Talk's domestic and foreign are willing to share their knowledge and experience though they don't have any tuition fees.