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"Test of Proficiency in Korean: How to prepare for it"


Date: March 9th

Topic: Test of Proficiency in Korean: How to prepare for it

Speaker: Harsh Kumar Mishra (India)

Review Writer: Bakhodirjon Komilov (Baha) (GIC Talk Volunteer)


These days, the number of foreigners is increasing and knowing Korean language is not easy. To get a job or be a student in Korea, foreigners are required to take a TOPIK test.  On Saturday March 9th, the talk was about Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) for foreigner only. TOPIK was first taken in 1997 and since then thousands of people have participated in this well reputed exam. Now, If you want to study or work in Korea, TOPIK score is mandatory thing at many organizations. There are various Visa programs like F2, F5 where you can get points for your TOPIK score. 


People think that learning day to day Korean will help them in getting good TOPIK score. But from his experience and research, it's not the case. Learners will need to decide your goal from the beginning that they are going to learn Korean to be good at it or just to get TOPIK and get over with it. 


The talk covered such points on Korean language learning and try to provide a basic guide on getting a good score in TOPIK based on his personal experience research related to TOPIK. Honestly, the talk helped me to understand to get higher level and made me understand what I am studying and directed to my set goals. The speaker is an expert for official website and currently pursuing his PhD at Chonnam National University. He suggested some preparation tips and ways for TOPIK.



1. Make yourself able to read, write and listen to Korean (4months)

2. Decide TOPIK level

3. Take the MOCK test

4. See where you lack most

5. Download 5 previous papers

6. Solve it one by one categorizing its grammar and vocabulary.

7. Make yourself list of Grammars and vocabulary adding 4 grammar patterns and 100 vocabulary a day.


These tips cannot be as effective as for everyone as he said but he tutored some of his fellow friends and it helped in most cases. Harsh achieved the highest level of TOPIK that he can be proud of himself. During his speech, he mentioned the types of TOPIK which are TOPIK I and TOPIK II. TOPIK I cover level 1 and 1 which are beginner as well as elementary steps while TOPIK II includes all level; 3,4,5 and 6. Applicants are suggested to take TOPIK II as many institutions and universities accept level 3 for admissions and job openings.  Additionally, the next exam is in July and application period is in May. Take your chance and achieve what you have been dreaming. GOOD LUCK!