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Workshop: Mental Health Awareness


Hello everyone. My name is Amy. I am a fellow expat here in Gwangju and a psychosocial counselor in training. As an expat, it is often difficult to navigate mental health, and resources are scarce. To raise mental health awareness amongst the expat community in Gwangju, I am planning to hold a psychosocial intervention workshop during the month of October at the GIC or online. Psychosocial intervention workshops for mental health are interpersonal or informational activities, techniques, or strategies that target biological, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, social, or environmental factors with the aim of improving mental health functioning and well-being. To determine the topic of the workshop, I would like to ask for your help by completing this needs assessment survey. The survey will only take 10 minutes. The workshop will not be based on any therapy practices but will provide you with tools to enhance your overall mental health as an expat. I ask that you complete the questions as honestly as you feel comfortable with. I really appreciate your time and support with this workshop. If you have any questions, please contact Amy at 


▶Date&Time: October 22. (Sun.) 15:00 
Place: Gwangju International Center 2F, Room 5
▶Registration link: