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『2023 CNUH Global International Student PR Ambassador 』 Recruitment
We are recruiting 『2023 CNUH Global International Student PR Ambassador 』 for promoting
the excellent medical technology and customized treatment system for foreign patients
 at Chonnam National University Hospital, a regional hub medical institution, at home and abroad.

〇 Recruitment target: Around 9 international students (undergraduate, graduate school) who are interested in medical tourism and can continue their activities * 1-2 students from each country

〇 Application period: 2023. 6. 12. (Mon) ~ 2023. 6. 23. (Fri)

〇 Activity Period: July 2023 ~ November 2023

〇 Areas of activity
   - Online SNS promotion through personal Instagram, blog, Facebook, etc.
   - Participation in events hosted by the International Medical Center (hospital Familiarization Tour and  promotional booth* ) and event support
     * (example) Visiting the promotional booth and taking pictures and videos to promote social media

〇 Activity benefits
   - Payment of activity expenses for Ambassador publicity activities (100,000 won per month)
   - Selection of excellent supporters and commendation/rewards

〇 How to apply: e-mail (
    - Documents to be submitted: 1 copy each of application form and personal information collection/use provision agreement

〇 Selection and Notification: Individual notification to the contact information specified in the application according to the selection result

〇 Inquiries: Chonnam National University Hospital International Medical Center
 (☎ (062)220-6566 Person in charge: Jeongeun Lee)
Attachment 1.  2023 CNUH Global International Student PR Ambassador Recruitment Notice 1 copy.
                   2. One copy of the  PR Ambassador's  application form.