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Community Board

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No. Subject Name Date Views
120Recruit (Kindergarden teacher)GIC13.11.11Views 1,071
119Canadian Consular Outreach in Yeosu - Nov 11, 1:30 ~ 4:30 p.m.GIC13.10.31Views 1,477
118Cooking Competition for Multicultural FamilyGIC13.10.02Views 1,425
1172013 Chuseok with UNESCO UNIVERSAL CULTURAL DAYGIC13.09.11Views 1,084
116Greenway Social MarketGIC13.09.04Views 1,059
115Invitation to Asia Traditional Orchestra ConcertGIC13.08.30Views 1,344
114GIC Stress and Anxiety Discussion Groupaudreydubin13.08.20Views 1,015
113Invitation to the EPICS Forum 2013GIC13.08.13Views 1,046
112Filipino Culture Day 2013웬티레화13.08.07Views 1,090
111Gather into Global Dummy's Platform(G.D.P)서소행13.02.14Views 1,178