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2022 Global Cultural & Language class 2nd Semester



○ Registration Period: February 17 (Thu.) ~ March 5 (Sat.)

○ Semester Period: March 2 (Wed.) ~ April 21 (Thu.) 

○ How to Register: Via

○ Tuition Fees for Korean class: 

  140,000 KRW (Saturday classes) / 280,000KRW (Weekday classes)

  **GIC Members: 120,000KRW (Saturday classes) / 240,000KRW (Weekday classes)

○ Transfer Account: KWANGJU(광주) BANK 019-107-331789 / Card or cash is acceptable.


○ Inquiry: Jaegyeong Moon, 062-226-2733, 

  * We also provide the counseling through KakaoTalk Channel 'GIC 광주국제교류센터'.


※ GIC runs 'Basic Korean' class for GIC members for free from this semester.

※ Until February 2022, the amount of membership fee is 40,000 won per year. From March it goes up to 50,000won per year. 



○ Note:


* Please pass the self-placement test on the GIC website before you register for the course.

* Please pay the tuition fee at least a week before the class starts. 

(Paying tuition fees as early as possible will help us confirm to open classes or not) 

* Please note that the class may be cancelled if less than 3 people registered. 

* According to the refund policy, no refund will be made after the third class. You can get full refund only after the first class. After the second class, the tuition fee for one class will be deducted 

* If the social distancing level is upgraded to Level 3, all classes may be conducted online without a possible refund. 



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