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Young foreign students/teachers are wanted at ENF Language school




Job Information

Company name   : ENF Language School

Location           : Munheong-Dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju (20 min by foot, or 10 min by bus from Cheon-nam Uni.)

Salary              : 10,000 won / hr. (and it's negotiable) 

Job Type           : Part time position

Suitable applicant : Foreign students, part time teachers, etc.

Contact no.        : 062 263 3258 or 010 6758 3258

Email               :

Blog                :

Please contact our staff to arrange for an interview. 



Job Description

We are looking for a young experienced English teacher or Wannabes to join our friendly team of teachers. Experience preferable, but not essential.

The successful applicant will be teaching both lovely elementary and middle school students.



The applicant must...

* Be living in Korea currently,

* Holding a working permit,

* Love teaching and children,

* Have some Korean speaking ability