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Meditation and Dharma Class, Free at Mugak-sa Temple


  Starting this coming saturday, October 4th, and continuing every Saturday until November 29th,  we will be holding an Introductory class on Meditation and the Buddha's teachings. Geared towards foreigners and koreans proficient in english, we will learn about the Buddha's teachings on meditation and awakening, and practice sitting and walking meditation together.

The class will go from 10am until Noon, every Saturday. Both the class, and the vegetarian lunch offered at the temple, are free and open to all. Hope to see you there!

Instruction is offered by Kyung Bon sunim, an American Buddhist monk who is a  graduate of Songgwangsa's sutra college and practiced at Songgwang'sa Zen Meditation Hall.

Contact: 010-4996-5302

Hope to see you there!